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Company Overview

After-sales service content:

Provide free guidance for installation and equipment debugging.

Visit users from time to time, understand the usage in time, and provide maintenance and maintenance information for free.

Keep user information for a long time and provide vulnerable parts and accessories in time.

Service Specification:

Set up a full-time organization, allocate full-time personnel, and open a 24-hour service hotline.

The arrival time is limited, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai within 24 hours, and other provinces and cities within 72 hours.

Implement the general manager supervision system to prevent delays, passivity, and trouble users.

Three Guarantees of Equipment:

Warranty: During the normal operation of the equipment, the company will be responsible for the direct repairs caused by manufacturing reasons within twelve months.

Replacement: within 12 months of normal operation of the equipment, if there is a serious quality problem, the company will be responsible for replacement after the repair procedure.

Return: If serious quality problems occur within six months of normal operation of the equipment, the company will be responsible for the return after the replacement procedure and the user's request.

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